Typed Med List Examples

The "Typed Med List" feature is designed to support rapid data entry using a notation that will be familiar to many eye care practitioners.

If you are using the "Typed Med List," use a syntax similar to the following examples.

Always review the "Interpretation of Typed Med List" to make sure that your medications are being correctly interpreted.

Most medications can be abbreviated:

vanco 4/0
moxi 4/0
lot 4/0

Lines that don't mention a medication will be ignored:

A/B/NG/ant uveitis OU
start durezol 4/4
hold latanoprost
start tim 2/2
cyclogyl 3/3

So you may be able to paste a section of your Assessment and Plan with relatively few modifications.

The application understands some common shorthand notation, such as "PFAT," "DMX", "HA", etc.

Some words such as "increase," "decrease," "stop", start", "hold,", "continue," etc. are also understood:

NVG OS POW#2 s/p baerveldt with prolene c/b RD
POD#2 s/p VTX/MP/EL/AFx/C3F8
retina attached
IOP still too high
pf 0/6
tim 0/2
simb 0/3
trav qhs ou
HA 0/2
increase dmx to TID
PFAT qid/q2h
IOP check next week

POD#7 s/p CE/IOL OU c/b endophthalmitis OD
OS looks good
IOP still too high
s/p T&I vanc/ceftaz -> NGTD
PF 4/3
moxi q2h/qid
ilevro 0/1
start combigan BID OD
add mz bid
cont lumigan 1/1

Punctuation at the beginning of a line is OK:

# Neovascular glaucoma OD
- start d/t 2/0
- stop lat
- start rock 1/1
- PF 2/0
- cyclopent 3/0
- counseled will likely need tube

If you put OD:, OS:, or OU: (with the colon) at the end of a line, the following lines are assumed to apply to only one eye unless otherwise specified:

## K ulcer OD:
cx w/ heavy growth S aureus, sens vanco
stable thinning
- stop tobramycin
- cont vanco q2h
- cyclogyl BID
- holding fml
- RTC tomorrow

severe POAG OS:
counseled; will try drops but probably needs trab
d/t 2
brim 3
trav 1
rho 1
RTC 1 week IOP check, preop
PCP clearance

Otherwise, it's assumed that both eyes are being treated:

# high risk glc suspect
cont simbrinza 3
restasis bid
tobradex 2 for 1 week
pfat q2h

The trade name of a medication will be printed on the drops chart if you refer to the medication by its trade name. For example, the following:

restasis 2
diflupred 1

will print cyclosporine (Restasis), but just difluprednate.


The application currently supports only a small number of trade names for medications that are commonly available in the United States.

The application currently doesn't understand dosing that is less frequent than once a day, or more frequent than once an hour. So the following don't work:

cont pf QOD
moxi q30min OS

As a workaround, you can write more specific directions in the Notes field of the medication pick list.

The application often assumes that you are referring to medications in drop form; however, you can clarify with "gtt," "ung", or "PO" if necessary:

stop maxitrol gtt od
cont maxitrol ung qhs od
decr pred gtt to bid od
cont pred po daily

The application curently doesn't understand dosage, which in practice is more of an issue for oral medications. It always assumes "one pill." So these won't work:

dmx 250 bid
pred po 20

As a workaround, if dosage other than "one pill" needs to be specified, you can edit the chart directly or put the dosage in the "notes" field.

Optimal interpretation of the typed med list is a perpetual work in progress and will change from time to time. Please contact the author with suggestions as to how to improve it.